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title - Rose Gold
rose gold
title - Antique Pewter
antique pewter
title - Brushed White Gold
brushed white gold

Onscreen, we’ve all witnessed how Meryl Streep masterfully makes the most of those same glasses—fiddling with temples, peering over lenses or dramatically whipping them off, to make evident nervousness, irritation or anger—relying on them to serve as an extension of her characters’ personalities. Akoni’s new Vega frame, with its ‘80s-inspired butterfly silhouette is a minimalist design that is inspired in part by the impressive style of Streep’s many red-carpet appearances. Like most cat-eyes, the feminine Vega imparts an instant, youthful visual lift to the face. The featherweight frame may appear delicate, but it relies on the surprising strength of Akoni’s powerful Japanese Titanium, which is decorated with elegant tactile lines etched on the rims and the brand’s iconic knurling embellishments on the temple and front.

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