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The Ulysses spacecraft was the first to orbit the sun and to exit our solar system. And just like its ancient namesake, Homer’s mythological traveler, the craft has experienced an impressively long journey: launched in 1990, it managed to operate successfully for over four times its original projected design life — In fact, the Ulysses still continues its heliocentric orbit today. The name shared by two most legendary explorers strikes us as perfect for Akoni’s latest take on the classic navigator frame. At first glance, it may give a sensation of featherweight lightness, but thanks to the long-lasting strength of the finest Japanese acetate and titanium, the Ulysses is well prepared for epic voyages. A masterly sculpted duo of acetate front sections — each topped with a striking floating titanium frame — is joined together by the sleekest of brow bars, embellished with an unexpected addition of our knurling pattern, an Akoni signature, which has migrated from its traditional placement on the temple.

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