Inspired By Visionaries

Constantly inspired by the stirring tales and legends surrounding history’s greatest visionaries, Akoni’s collections aim to channel the spirit of the finest in the design, art and beauty that surround all of us. This singular dedication is reflected in every one of the company’s decisions, including the naming of collections for the wonders of astronomy and the most impressive exploits of human explorations of the cosmos.

Akoni Sunglasses Hera

A Closer Look

Zoom in. That’s when you’ll notice that every Akoni frame holds a myriad of distinctive and intricate details—with many directly inspired by the extraordinary additional touches that set apart prized symbols of individual achievement. Tactile knurlings on temple fronts echo crowns of luxury watches and flint wheels of high-end lighters. Titanium tips set at rounded acetate temples replicate detailing found on the world’s finest writing instruments.

Building Upon Classic Foundations

The many impressive luxury touches of Akoni frames make clear our designers’ dedication to their craft. Inspired by the mystical power of the golden ratio, the fascinating scale of 1:1.618 that underlines nature’s most sublime creations (the nautilus shell and the human body) as well as some of mankind’s greatest masterpieces, (the silhouette of the Stradivarius and the façade of the Parthenon), the Akoni design team often proposes design solutions—from the smallest hinges and screws to entirely new conceptions in frames—that build upon that powerful, intriguing equation. In addition, every aspect of their work is seamlessly intertwined with an unwavering devotion to the Japanese concept of Shokunin, a philosophy that could best be summed up as a determination to perfect each handcrafted detail.

akoni sunglasses skymapper drawing

Engineered For Security

Akoni customers deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can rely on their eyeglasses all day, every day. Working closely with our Japanese artisan partners, Akoni’s designers have devised an innovative system of hinges and screws, interchangeable across the entire Akoni catalogue. The brand’s distinctive threaded-tube screw system allows Akoni eyeglass owners to avoid one of the most common and frustrating reasons for a visit to a repairman—a loose or missing screw. And the fact that all of Akoni Eyewear designs, across all collections, rely on that same distinctive threaded-tube solution means that replacement parts, if ever needed, are always easily sourced.

Honest Luxury

Great design never needs to clamor for attention. That’s why Akoni frames avoid unnecessary logos and monograms—allowing the eye to focus instead on our sleek silhouettes and the many references to the type of finely crafted details traditionally associated with the world’s finest luxury accessories. There is one small refinement, though, that stands out: an intriguing graphic symbol of a perfect circle encased within a square. Gracing the top of Akoni’s secure rivets, this sleekly minimal geometrical motif deftly encapsulates our designers’ devotion to the fascinating and timeless power of the golden ratio.

The Akoni Design Team

Akoni’s design team, spread out across the globe, stands out for its many years of shared legacy, its diverse experiences and its shared devotion to endless discussions on the aesthetics, ergonomics and customization possibilities. Among its members are two of today’s most respected eyewear designers, that from the mid-nineties has been the force behind an impressive list of cult-favorite, high-quality frames. Other team members bring their innovative experience in fashion eyewear to the table. This mix of design talents and backgrounds helps ensure that Akoni frames will always stand apart, due to a blend of true craftsmanship, timelessness and innovative adaptations of the latest material and production breakthroughs.