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Akoni eyewear is made in Japan by expert craftspeople using only the finest materials and lenses.


  • Japanese Cellulose Acetate (Zyl): Akoni’s commitment to environmentally friendly materials underlies its use of Japanese zyl. Unlike plastic—a petroleum-based product—zyl is made from renewable wood and cotton-based materials. Japanese zyl is considered the world’s finest because of its feel, density, strength, luster, and ability to maintain its shape/resist shrinkage over time. Even after years of use, Akoni’s zyl frames can be repolished to look and feel like new.


  • Japanese Titanium: Titanium eyewear was little more than a dream until the 1980’s when Japan pioneered the technology necessary to craft the miracle metal into super-strong, featherweight frames. Hypoallergenic, similar in weight to aluminum but twice as strong, and stronger than steel at about half its weight—titanium is the ideal material for crafting high-end eyewear. But not all titanium is created equal, and the world’s finest is still available exclusively in Japan. Designed for years of enjoyment and use, Akoni’s titanium frames are virtually indestructible.


  • Ceramic & Beta-Titanium: Nose pads are an essential but often overlooked frame element, so Akoni went the extra mile by designing and developing innovative ceramic nose pads—mounted to flexible beta-titanium arms—that are stylish, hypoallergenic, and incredibly lightweight. Featuring horizontal lines and a deep center groove ensuring a non-slip fit, Akoni frames are as comfortable as they are beautiful.



  • High Contrast: Our high contrast sun lenses feature multi-layer, anti-reflective, oil-resistant coatings and provide exceptional protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC sunlight. 


  • Polarized: Polarized sun lenses contain a special filter that reduces glare by blocking light reflected off flat surfaces, resulting in increased visual acuity—objects look crisper and clearer—and reduced eye fatigue. Traditional polarized lenses are darker than standard sun lenses and can negatively impact the wearer’s ability to see LCD displays (e.g., automobile dashboards and airplane instrument panels) and outdoor hazards like black ice. Akoni addresses this problem by utilizing a sophisticated 80% polarization technology that is more adaptable to outdoor environments and the modern display technologies that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Akoni polarized sun lenses are an excellent choice for bikers, boaters, drivers, fisherman, golfers, joggers, and skiers.


  • Gradient: Gradient lenses typically feature dark tint at the top that gradually fades to light tint at the bottom. Fashionable and functional, gradient lenses offer performance versatility in low, variable, and overhead lighting environments.


  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating: A specialized lens coating that reduces reflection/glare, improves clarity, reduces eyestrain, and makes lenses appear more transparent.


  • Hydrophobic Coating: A specialized nanoscopic lens coating that repels water, grease, oil, dust, and fingerprints.



Akoni periodically releases highly collectible limited-edition styles and colorways. Once sold-out, limited editions will not be reproduced. Numbered editions are the most exclusive and prized of all, so get yours before they’re gone!



In order to maximize your eyewear’s beauty and longevity, we recommend the following:

  • Routinely remove dust and fingerprints by gently wiping the frame and lenses with the included eyewear-safe cleaning cloth.


  • If exposed to cosmetics, haircare products, chlorine, saltwater, environmental contaminants, etc., gently rinse the frame and lenses with warm water and dry with the included eyewear-safe cleaning cloth.


  • When necessary, gently wash the frame and lenses with warm water using a small  amount of mild soap that does not contain any abrasives, detergents, lotions, alcohol, ammonia, or other substances that could damage the frame material or lens coatings. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry with the included eyewear-safe cleaning cloth.


  • Periodically wash the eyewear-safe cleaning cloth with mild, softener-free soap, then rinse clean with warm water and hang dry.


  • Do not use paper products such as tissue to clean your lenses because scratching and/or smudging (if containing lotion, lanolin, etc.) may result.


  • When not wearing your eyewear, always store it in the included protective case.


Do not expose your eyewear to extreme heat (e.g., car glovebox or dashboard, etc.) because doing so can permanently distort frame shape.