Long Lasting, Timeless Design Is The Truest Form Of Sustainability

In this era of deceptively low-priced, quickly discarded fast fashion, truly superior design possesses its own distinct form of sustainability—since very few of us will ever freely discard a beautiful creation that continues to improve our lives. That’s why we at Akoni believe that perhaps the greenest strategy possible for all of us is an insistence on timeless, well-designed creations, intended to last a lifetime.

Earth-Friendly, Renewable Choices

Akoni is determined to lighten its environmental footprint at each step in the creation of every frame, by cutting back on waste and avoiding plastics. Whenever possible, we opt for the most earth-friendly materials and procedures possible. For example, Akoni’s sleek acetate frames rely on sustainable Japanese cellulose acetate (Zyl), created from renewable woods and cotton.

akoni case

Paying Attention At Every Step, To Every Detail

To meet Akoni’s Green Harmony pledge, no detail is too small, no change is too inconsequential. All Akoni in-store displays avoid the use of plastic, opting instead for renewable wood-based materials and recycled, Forestry Stewardship Council-certified paper products. Akoni’s ultrapractical packaging relies on recycled cardboard and the brand warranty is printed directly upon the sustainable paper envelopes that hold the eyewear recycled microfiber cleaning cloth. And it seems particularly right that those stylish leather Akoni cases have a green color, making even more clear their unique earth-friendly provenance. Each of our eyewear cases has been crafted from repurposed scraps, gathered from cutting room floors after the creation of gloves. By recycling these previously discarded snippets, Akoni’s GRS-certified eyewear cases not only help cut down on the green-house emissions, toxic chemicals and water and land waste associated with new leather production; they also build upon the original purpose of the gloves—gardening gloves—designed to help us work in partnership with the earth.

akoni case akoni case