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Constantly inspired by the stirring tales and legends surrounding history’s greatest visionaries, Akoni’s collections aim to channel the spirit of the finest in the design, art and beauty that surround all of us.

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Casey Affleck, born on August 12, 1975, is an accomplished American actor and filmmaker. He achieved widespread recognition for his outstanding performance in "Manchester by the Sea" (2016), earning him the Academy Award for Best Actor. Affleck's nuanced portrayals and dedication to his craft have solidified his status as a respected and influential figure in the film industry.


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Jamie Lee Curtis is an iconic American actress and author. She rose to prominence with her breakthrough role in the classic horror film "Halloween" (1978) and has since become a versatile and beloved figure in Hollywood. Curtis's achievements include critical acclaim for her roles, Golden Globe wins, and her significant contributions to both the horror genre and broader entertainment industry.

Jamie Lee Curtis

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Renowned for his versatile performances, Jeffrey Wright achieved acclaim for his role in "Basquiat" (1996). His impactful career has been marked by standout portrayals, earning him prestigious awards such as Emmys and Tonys, solidifying his status as a highly respected figure in the world of film and theater.

Jeffrey Wright

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Earning an Academy Award for Best Original Song with "I'm Easy" from the film "Nashville" (1975), Keith Carradine showcases his versatile talents in both acting and music. His enduring contributions underscore his significant achievements, marking a celebrated career in the entertainment industry.

Keith Carradine

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